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Developed over the last ten years, our solutions add no new materials to formulations and no new processes to production lines. They complement existing unique product identifier standards by adding true authentication.  Alternatively, our solutions can function totally independently with no need to access databases.  We aim to help protect patients' health and save manufacturers money via combating counterfeiting, tampering, and diversion, combined with  ways to reduce product recalls and reduce errors.

Digitising and encrypting of unique product features during manufacturing or warehouse inspection to create a unique fingerprint allows verification of these using smart-phone technology.

Forensic-level scanning of dosage forms at high speed allows identification of tablets in blisters and checking of them against specific batch records. Using proven technology established in production line inspection and biometrics. 

Through blockchain security, change-of-ownership events are generated and monitored as the product moves through the supply chain, facilitating traceability and verification.

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